Lina Mockutė

Trainer and founder of Educated Dog

A trainer will not be there for you in every single moment of your life. Therefore I think that the goal of dog training lessons is to empower people to understand and communicate with their dogs themselves.

A decade long self realization in public relations and communication helps me do that. This experience set a solid background for my understanding about how humans solve problems, learn and what motivates them. In dog training, this background helps me to choose the best techniques, so that my clients can quickly gain understanding of their four-legged friends and get skilled in communicating with dogs.

I feel a great pleasure by helping people to create best relationships with their dogs. Canines, who accompanied me my entire life, taught me to be honest, listen attentively and live fully every moment. The best award for my work are people, experiencing the same good emotions while being with their dogs.

I will be happy to answer your questions. You can send it to the contacts below. I look forward to meeting you and your dog!

Lina is constantly improving her knowledge by participating in carefully selected trainings of successful world-class lectors and trainers. Some of them: