Human’s inability to get well with a dog is a consequence of misunderstanding dog’s behavior. However, it is also one of the reasons why dogs get into shelters.

We encourage you to think well before getting a dog. They do not come to your life well trained. They not have innate skills to fetch a ball, come when called, and are not house trained.

It is likely that you also don’t have innate ability to automatically read dog’s body language and mimics. One needs time to become best friends with a dog, but it is worth the efforts. People, who live with dogs, are happier and more healthy.

We also believe that dogs are on this planet not because they want to challenge the existence of human kind on Earth. We believe they are here to help us become better persons.

For this reason we also encourage people to actively engage in activities, which create relation between dogs and their owners. Dogs are talking, but you need to be with them, learn to hear what they say, and respond in a way that they understand.

Foundation of Educated Dog

  • Part of the income we get when you buy services of Educated Dog is out in the Foundation.
  • The Foundation is the main source to fund children and grown-ups oriented educational lessons about dog body language, safety around dogs and basics of positive dog training.
  • The Foundation also supports our public education activities, which aim to raise society’s understanding about responsible dog ownership and training. Your support for the Foundation allows us to advocate animal welfare via mass media.
  • You can support the Foundation by purchasing our services.
  • We also encourage you to spread the message about science-based dog training methods and the importance of human-canine bond.