We believe that:

  • In dog training you firstly need mental, not physical power.
  • Strong human-canine bond is a base for dog’s obedience.
  • Knowledge about dog behavior and training should be available for everybody.

Social responsibility projects:

  • Lessons for children about safe interactions with dogs.
  • Open lessons about positive training for dog owners.
  • Dog welfare advocacy in shaping national policy.

Testimonials of social partners

  • Vilnius Trakų Vokė secondary school is thankful for the lesson “Dog body language – how to understand it”, presented for 6 and 7 grade students. The lecturer, who was willing to carry out a lecture despite our short notice, presented an interesting, informative and vivid lesson. Thank you!
    Traku Vokes mokykla
    Diana Šaulinskienė, school career coordinator
  • The good will, interesting ideas and real works of Educated Dog help our organization to spread the message of dog welfare and educate current dog owners, the ones who are planning to get a dog, decision makers and organizations. Thank you for sincere dedication and animal advocacy!
    Brigita Kymantaitė, leader of Lithuanian Rights Protection Organization Lithuania
  • Because of the initiatives of Educated Dog schools children in Vilnius participate in interesting and useful lessons about dog body language. Grown-ups are also educated, the topics range from positive training to welfare of dogs. The trainer of Educated Dog is a “golden” person, who makes our world more beautiful, sustainable and friendly.
    Rūta Kudelytė, NGO Vibrisė
  • Lesson about dog body language for 5th grade pupils in Vilnius Martynas Mažvydas progymnasium was well organized. The lecturer took into consideration young age of the children, used visual materials and it resulted in high motivation of students. Children were active and asked a lot of questions. Thank you!
    Vladislava Pažėrienė, teacher