Can I help you with your situation? If you:

  • Have a new puppy
  • Just got your first ever dog
  • Added a new dog to your already dog-friendly household
  • Have a new furry companion from a shelter
  • Have a new four-legged friend which previously experienced physical or emotional abuse
  • Have taken your dog through unpleasant medical procedures and he associated you with those bad experiences
  • Have a dog recovering after a dog fight or physical illness
  • Have recently had a smaller or bigger “argument” with your dog

And… if you’re tired from dog trainers, telling you how wrong you are managing your dog, or lost between different dog training philosophies…

…You came to the right place. Let’s strengthen your bond with your four-legged family member together!


What will we work on?

You want your dog to be your best friend. You want him / her to understand you, be there for you, and do what he’/she’s asked to do. Your dog wants… just the same! You both want better relationship, so we’ll work on strengthening your bond. It includes: you, understanding your dog better, and – your dog, understanding you better. We’ll work on canine-human communication, your dog’s needs, your needs, and finding the consensus among them in your busy life, which will be much happier with a happy dog beside you.


How is canine coaching different from dog training?

I have been training dogs for the last 4 years. I had clients in private lessons, and I had clients in group classes. Most of them reached great results, but… they lasted not long enough to become a habit, or they trained their dogs only in classes, but didn’t work at home. And this is a very important thing – home is a place where real dog training happens. In class you only learn the techniques. So what is the use of techniques if they are only applied in class? Dogs become frustrated because they haven’t done their homework, and dog parents feel ashamed, because they didn’t keep their promise to work with a dog at home. This leads to negative feelings towards the training itself and sometimes result in clients, lost faith in themselves and their dogs.

But living with a dog can be different. It can be easier. The training process can be fun, fulfilling, rewarding, empowering, uplifting your self-esteem, and doing the same for your dog. It is called HCB (human-canine bond)TM coaching. It includes elements of dog training and life coaching and delivers tailor made results together with pleasant process. Relationships are exactly that – processes, not results, and this ever changing nature of it, and your ability to keep relationships harmonious in any situation is the real beauty of it.


How will we work together?

What a great question! We will:

  • Agree on time for our first Skype session. In this and later sessions we will work on the following areas.
  • Make a test to learn how strong is your human-canine bond.
  • Agree on areas that need improvement.
  • Dig deeper to understand your underlying motivations to foster best possible results of coaching.
  • Make a plan on improving your relationship with your dog/-s.
  • If needed, you’ll get all the needed professional dog trainer consultations.
  • We’ll keep an eye on your progress, and you’ll get my support in implementing your plan.

You can learn more about my coaching here.

Let’s work together. Because human-canine bond, if set right, can be one of the most rewarding life experiences.